The black gold of the Ammergau Alps

The Formation of Mud

Natural ingredients from the mud which affect the entire organism, harmonising it, uniting health and wellness. Physical and mental well-being is improved thanks to a holistic approach, and the most primal of natural products –  “black gold” from the Ammergau Alps – is used. You too can enjoy the unique, healing mud treatments in the modern, light and air-conditioned spa complex of our hotel.

As your hosts, we play you a symphony for healthy simplicity. And also wish to help you listen to your own melody – the rhythm of your own body – on the loveliest days of the year. For inner harmony and well-being.

Interesting Facts

Bad Kohlgrub has been maintaining its tradition as a health resort since 1870 – thanks to its proximity to the moor landscape of the Kohlgrub moorlands. All our Alpine mud baths use Bad Kohlgrub mountain pine mud in a wooden bath – cut from our own moorland! Made from mountain pines and plants, the thick paste of therapeutic mud – with its high-quality, natural ingredients – is considered an inexhaustible reservoir for health and healing. In a traditional wooden tub, the natural mud baths stimulate circulation, invigorate metabolism and boost the body’s own defences, activating the body's self-healing powers. The concentrated energy of Mother Nature bestows you with more vitality, positive energy and a feeling of cheerful vitality! Complementary, supporting treatments round off the range of spa treatments.

The Best for your Health, from Nature

The long-term effect of the mountain pine mud regenerates the body, invigorates it and awakens a feeling of pure vigour. Carefree and gentle. The versatile, scientifically proven effect of the mud, the beauty of the landscape and the idyllic life here combine to give you a unique holiday experience. The mountain pine mud can also help rectify an unfulfilled desire to conceive. Spend your day in harmony with nature. In a place where the best of nature is used for the good of your health. Indulge yourself in a sense of harmony and balance. Experience the symphony of the mud.